T-REIGN Gear Featured in Boomerang Tool Company's Top 9 Picks for Best Gifts for Fishermen Article November 04 2015

We are excited to have several of T-REIGN's top-selling fishing tools featured on Boomerang Tool Company's "Best Gifts for Fishermen - Our Top 9 Picks". Here's an excerpt of our products in the article:

ProSheath Fishing Pliers and Sheath Combo T-REIGN's ProSheath Combo is comprised of 7.5” heavy duty aluminum pliers with a comfort grip, replaceable tungsten carbide cutters to easily cut braided wire and mono line, and corrosion resistant, stainless steel jaws, as well as a durable nylon sheath. Unlike other holders, ProSheath has an internal retractable Kevlar tether that attaches to the pliers, preventing drops or loss. The ProSheath ensures your fishing pliers are protected, secure, and conveniently at your side when you need them most.

Fishing Zinger and Multi-Tool T-REIGN Retractable Outdoor Products builds the finest zingers for fishermen to secure their tools and tackle. The USA made Zinger offers three times the durability of imported zingers and has been tested to over one million pulls. Paired with the stainless steel multi-tool, you have the convenience of nippers, an eye hook cleaner, and a double sided file, all in one convenient there-when-you-need-it tool!

Small Retractable Gear Tether with Safety Whistle The Retractable Gear Tether with FOX40® Safety Whistle meets current safety regulations for personal watercraft. It’s the perfect sound-producing device to attach to a life jacket, belt loop, or keep around the boat or kayak when out fishing. Our retractors are made in the USA, and feature a durable Kevlar cord and corrosion and impact resistant casing. The Fox40 Safety Whistle works great either dry or wet, and will keep your fisherman safe on the water!

Fisherman’s Combo This convenient combo is the perfect gift for fly fishermen! It features our 5” corrosion resistant stainless steel forceps that are held securely in place by our classic retractable gear tether with a durable Kevlar cord. In addition, the combo comes with our small but mighty fishing zinger with our stainless steel nippers, perfect for cutting fishing line. Keep all your gear secure and accessible (and out of the water)!

Medium Retractable Gear Tether Secure your favorite tool or fishing gear to our large retractable gear tether. The end fitting easily snaps off, making removal and interchanging of tools a breeze, and the heavy duty Kevlar cord keeps your fishing tools safe from being dropped or lost. These retractable gear tethers are perfect for any type fisherman.


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