What Type of Fishing Bait Should I Use? March 26 2013

Before every fishing trip I make sure my tackle box is stocked. While wandering the tackle aisles of the store everything seems simple, but once you’re on the lake, it’s a whole different story. What type fishing bait should I use? The key to successful fishing is finding the answer to this question, but the answer is always changing. Some days the fish want live bait and other times lures.  Bring a variety of bait and change what you’re using until you find what works.

Live Bait

As the name implies, live bait is still alive when you use it. There are many different types of live bait available including nightcrawlers, crickets and minnows or other small bait fish. Some people like to catch their live bait themselves, but most of the time you can easily purchase a good variety from a tackle shop.

Live bait can be inconvenient since it must be purchased or caught immediately before use and must be kept alive while on the water, but is very effective. Generally when nothing else is working, live bait will catch fish.


There is a type of lure for almost every type of fish. Trout lures will catch trout, bass lures will catch bass, etc. Lures are a beautiful addition to any tackle box and can be effective if used properly, but you do need to know a few tricks.

Lures appeal to the curiosity of the fish you are trying to catch and they need movement to be most effective. With live bait you can bait your hook, drop it over the side and wait. With lures, you must be on the move, keeping your line in motion to appeal to fish. Many anglers enjoy the added challenge that using a lure brings and, since they can be used over and over, may save you money on bait. Lures are also a good choice if you plan on catching and releasing since the hooks are generally easier to remove than with other types of bait. 

Soft Bait

Soft bait is the bait of choice for many anglers, especially those who are just starting out. There are many different types available, but one of the most common is Powerbait®. It is great for catching trout. This is a good bait choice if you are fishing with children since they find the bright colors appealing and the baited line can simply be dropped into the water to wait for a fish. Soft bait works best in still water (lakes or ponds), especially in areas that are stocked with hatchery fish.

Is your tackle box packed and ready to go? The summer fishing season is upon us and now is the time to get ready. And with all that success you’ll have fishing, don’t forget to wear your T-REIGN retractable tether to keep expensive gear at hand when you’re wrestling to reel in that big catch.