5 Essential Tools for Gold Prospecting April 02 2013

You won’t find gold if you don’t look, so if you want a gold nugget of your own, start searching. Luckily you don’t need much to get started. Just find a place where you can legally prospect for gold, gather a few essential tools and get outside and have some fun. Every prospector has their own favorite list of supplies, but here are some great suggestions for getting started.

1. Bucket

When searching for gold you will need to move dirt and water from Point A to Point B and a bucket is a great way to get this done. Any bucket you have lying around will work. I like to use a standard sized one from my local hardware store. When you aren’t using your bucket to move or store dirt, flip it over and it makes a great seat.

2. Shovel

Whether you’re gold panning in a stream or prospecting on dry ground, you’ll want to bring a shovel along. Generally you don’t need anything big; even a small folding shovel will do. You’ll use your shovel to fill your bucket and to easily gather large amounts of dirt for panning.

3. Gold Pan

Every prospector needs a gold pan. Even with all of the innovations in technology this simple prospecting tool is still one of the most effective ways to find gold. Panning can help you find and separate gold with an impressive level of accuracy if it’s done properly. Generally plastic gold pans are recommended over metal ones and green gold pans are the easiest to use. In addition to a gold pan you might want to also pick up a classification screen that will help you sift out larger rocks and pebbles before you start panning.

4. Hammer and Chisel or Pick Axe

A chisel or pick axe will help you find gold that is hiding inside of hard rock. When breaking up rock be sure to follow proper safety precautions including safety glasses and gloves.

5. A Pair of Tweezers

Hopefully your search will lead you to a big gold nugget, but you’re much more likely to find smaller gold flakes. Don’t leave these behind; they are still gold and therefore valuable. A pair of tweezers will help you pick up small finds and transfer them to a safe storage area (like a small glass vial).

Bonus Essential: T-REIGN Retractable Gear Tethers

Although you won’t see T-REIGN retractable outdoor products featured in classic gold rush movies, they are still a gold prospecting essential in my book. Prospecting is messy work and I like knowing my smartphone is safely tucked into a ProCase where it won’t be damaged by dirt, rock or water. Retractable tethers are great for keeping items like a flashlight or pocketknife close at hand.

Now grab your gear and go find that gold.