Snacks to take on a fishing trip June 07 2013


I love a good fishing trip, but if you’re planning on spending a day on the water with your poles, you’ve got to prepare in advance. The best fishing spots are often remote locations, which means you can’t buy food when hunger strikes. These 10 tasty snack ideas will certainly satisfy, making your fishing trip more enjoyable and of course more delicious.


1.     Protein Packed Breakfast- We start fishing early in the morning when the fish are most likely to bite. Getting an early start means it’s easy to forget breakfast. One of my favorite protein-packed fishing breakfasts is a container of egg salad served wrapped in a tortilla. Make up a batch and keep it in the cooler for an easy snack any time of the day.


2.     Trail Mix- A tasty assortment of nuts and dried fruit can hit the spot during any outdoor activity. You can buy trail mix, but it’s less expensive and better for you to make your own. Here’s a great trail mix recipe to get you started, but feel free to substitute and add in your favorite treats. Some great ideas for add-ins include dried cranberries, coconut flakes, chocolate chips, licorice bites, shelled sunflower seeds, dried bananas or popcorn.


3.     Jerky- Beef jerky (or any type of jerky for that matter) is a must have on a fishing trip. If jerky isn’t your thing, other meaty ideas include pepperoni slices, summer sausage and Vienna sausage.


4.     Veggies and Dip- While vegetables might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to fishing snacks, they are a great option and a welcome break from the sweet and salty. Cut up an assortment of vegetables (cucumber, celery, carrots, bell pepper, etc.) and serve with your favorite dip. Hummus is a healthy alternative to ranch dressing that tastes great too.


5.     Sandwiches- Don’t forget to pack plenty of sandwiches. You can assemble them in advance or stock the cooler with sandwich fixings and let everyone construct their own. Bring bread, mayo and mustard, lettuce, cheese and sliced deli meat. I also like to bring peanut butter and jelly.


6.     Cookies- Big bags of homemade cookies always hit the spot. Some of my favorite types include peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies and snicker doodles.


7.     Crackers and Toppings- The crunch of a cracker combined with a delicious topping is hard to resist. Pack a variety of crackers and toppings like sliced cheese, meats, spreads including peanut butter or cheese spread, cream cheese, tuna salad, hard-boiled egg slices and dried fruits like apricots or strawberries.


8.     Hot Treats- Even in the middle of summer some fishing locations can be chilly, especially in the morning. Hot food and drinks are perfect for those moments when you’re feeling a bit chilly. A thermos filled with hot water is great for making hot cocoa, noodle soups (like Cup of Noodle) or even instant oatmeal. You can also take along a thermos of hot cocoa or coffee or even pre-made soup.


9.     Drinks (and lots of them)- Staying hydrated is always important. Bring plenty of drinks and be sure to include a variety. I like to pack an assortment of sodas, water and juices. Filling a big cooler with lemonade or ice water is a great idea if you’re fishing with a large group. Just make sure to bring cups.


10.  Fish Themed Snacks- If you want some fish themed snacks to take along consider Goldfish crackers, Swedish Fish candies or sugar cookies cut out in the shape of a fish. Gummy worms are a fun bait-themed idea if you’re fishing with little kids.


As a final note, don’t forget to keep the cold foods cold in a dependable cooler filled generously with ice and placed in the shade. You don’t want to end up sick because your meals have gone bad during a long day outdoors. And don’t forget hand sanitizer gel or disinfecting hand wipes to clean up properly before handling food. Pack the fishing snacks and round up your family for a fun weekend of fishing this summer.