5 Hunting Gear Essentials July 09 2013

hunting gear

Every hunter has their favorite hunting gear essentials, things they wouldn’t dream of trekking in the woods without. On every list you’ll find a weapon of choice (usually a bow and arrow or rifle and ammunition) as well as survival essentials like food and water. To help you fill your hunting pack, here are some of our favorite things to take along.

Cell Phone

While you won’t always have cell service in hunting areas, you’d be surprised at how often you will. Your cell phone can be useful for more than just making emergency calls. If you have a smartphone you can download several apps to help you on your hunt. One app can be used in place of traditional hunting calls to attract game like deer, elk and turkey while another can emit a high frequency tone that acts as a bug deterrent. There are also apps to help you find the best places to hunt and to survive should an emergency arise. Use a medium T-REIGN ProCase to keep your smartphone safe and handy while you hunt.

Two-way Radios

Hunting with a partner is always a good idea, but sometimes you’ll need to split up to cover more ground. Two-radios are a great way to stay in contact, especially if you don’t have cell service. Trees and rough terrain can limit radio transmission distances, so be aware of what your radios can handle and communicate frequently to stay in range. T-REIGN’s ProHolster Protective Case features a retractable tether making it easy to use and store your radios on the go.

Binoculars or a Range Finder

The key to a successful hunt is spotting your prey before it spots you. A rangefinder will help you measure the distance between you and your target, making a perfect shot much easier. Binoculars magnify far off objects helping you to see animals in the distance. Either or both can be helpful hunting tools. The extra-large ProCase is the perfect size for binoculars or a range finder. 

GPS or a Compass

Getting disoriented or lost is easy in mountain terrain. A GPS will keep you on track and help you make it back to base camp after a day of hunting. If you don’t have a GPS a compass is a good alternative.


There are hundreds of uses for a good knife while hunting. This basic survival tool is something you never want to hunt without. Plus you’ll need a knife if you are successful and need to clean your kill. Many hunters like to carry multiple styles of knives while they hunt including a pocket knife and a hunting knife.

These hunting gear essentials are must-haves whenever we go hunting. Not only does the right gear make our job easier, but it also helps to keep us safe.