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Carabiners Review.

Great Product! Happy with it!!!


Hunting Series Retractable Gear Tethers


Fishing Accessory Pack for T-REIGN Gear Tethers


High quality and rugged


Scuba Series Retractable Gear Tether

T Reign Accessory 3-Pack

Fast shipping! Great product!


Hunting Accessory Pack for T-REIGN Gear Tethers


Hunting Series Retractable Gear Tethers


I purchased to T Reign to tether a PVS 14 Night Vision Google to my helmet. The companies that make the night vision mounting hardware also make similar tethers but they are much more expensive and after using both, the T Reign is stronger. The T reign is some what larger and I had to contrive a means to attach to the helmet. The anvil on the small wire was to large to fit in the lanyard attachment point on the PVS 14 but that was easily fixed by running a small flex tie through the hole and attaching the Treign to it. I am satisfied with the product and will buy more when I have a need to secure high value items .

Great product

Love my product.

Great Products

I've been using T-reign products for about 4 years. Their products are the best reels that I have found.

Great product

Sturdy and quality product. Happy I made the purchase and received it in a reasonable amount of time as well


Hunting Series Retractable Gear Tethers

Not good for name badge.

Too heavy for a name badge on a shirt or jacket. A screw on the belt clip scratches belts.

Great product

I have several T-Reign tethers. I love the flexibility of the Velcro or carabiner options as well as the different attachments. The Kevlar cord makes it very durable unlike other products that break easily.

Scuba Series Retractable

Excellent quality, and excellent service.

Hunting t-reign

Good solidly built retractor


Thank you - very good product.

Scuba Series Retractable

Very well made product Would recommend..I will be using it for a tether for VR head set to tether the cables from the ceiling...

Love the products but items sent were not what I ordered.

First and foremost I love treign products. But I am giving this a one star review because I ordered a three item accessory pack and was sent the work g item.

Nice product and design

Haven't had a chance to use it in the field yet, but it does everything I was hoping for.