Reviews & Testimonials

We love our T-REIGN products, and so do our customers! Read what people are saying about their T-REIGN gear:

"Hi My name is Matt L. and I am the Vice President of the Connecticut Surfcasters Association.  This spring I purchased the T-Reign retractable Plier Sheath and have been using it since April in both fresh and saltwater. I have been very pleased with your product so far this season, as I had been using a coil lanyard. To give you an idea of the nature of how I fish, the sheath sits on a surf belt, I used the belt loops and removed the metal clip only because the clip was not compatible with the size of my belt.  I am a wetsuit surf fisherman, and predominantly fish rocky shorelines where I wade into the water and occasionally swim to rocks that allow my casts to land in more productive waters and ocean rips.  In other words, the T-Reign sheath is exposed to and submerged in salt water during every trip I make. I plan to write a review of the sheath for both my club 120 members and several hundred members.  I'm excited to share this product with my club and others because it is exactly what I was looking for and it eliminated the coil lanyard I used to use which frequently tangled with other items on my surf belt. Thank you for making this quality product!" -Matt L

" I have just taken delivery of the T-Reign small retractable, very pleased with the replacement and looks better than my original purchase. Very please and impressed with your service, and generosity. Many Thanks" -A. S. Griffiths

"I bought this to handle my new Hoodman Loupe on my camera bag. With this device, I can now pull the loupe to the camera, check my exposure settings and then drop the loupe to where it retracts back to it’s original position. I love it! Great customer service, fast shipping, great quality - best of everything." -Jason J

"Just what I needed to hold my line clippers" -Jikky c

"My last retractor finally gave out after many years of daily service. No retractor as perfect as this one!" -Barry N

"T-Reign customer service was excellent and confirmed the parts quickly and facilitated shipping. The accessory pack has allowed me to hook up multiple items, and interchange them quickly to the tethers depending of if I'm going fly fishing or bait fishing. These tethers have been great at allowing me piece of mind knowing my gear won't end up at the bottom of the river." -Michael W

"I am a janitor at a high school have several keys and the tethers cannot support the keys and break this product has done everything that I need" - Lewis J

"Great product, the cable is very strong and it doesn't take much room. Can fit on my Molle or on a belt loop. I use it to keep my truck keys safe from losing them when I'm out shooting in the AZ desert. Very easy to give 5 stars and recommend. Shipping was fast, good job by the seller." –Chuck J

"I bought this for a coworker that sits beside me. He wears it every day to work. He's had it for the last 6 months or so and has had no problems. He keeps 10 keys on it constantly and it still has the same fast retract from the first day he received it. He likes the ease of changing out keys and also likes how you can separate the keys from the main body easily." –K Bunn

"After going through dozens of tethers over the years I decided to get this T-Reign model. I Love it. No more worries about breaks and lost objects." –Brent W

"Made in USA! Great hands free retracting lanyard; won't be fishing or boating without one in the future. I like the design and quality of these little tethers and will most likely buy more in the future." –Totally ImAussieBull

"I have multiple access badges that rapidly wear out the traditional badge retractable reels due to the weight they put on the cord. The T-Reign holds them all without the slightest strain." –Dr Mango

"I got this for my son to use to keep his house key hooked to his backpack.. I was so glad to find one that is so close to indestructible. He's used other "tether" type key holders and they broke in no time." –Anna A

"Well-designed and sturdy. I liked it so much, I came back and bought a second one and the accessory pack. The Kevlar tether will last a long time." –Cali K

"I love this thing! I use it on my pocket knife. I like expensive knives, but have bad luck with them! Either they disappear while I am doing something like running, or they get stolen... crazy! I don't have to worry about that anymore! This lanyard is great, and it gives me piece of mind!" –Jacob P

"Liked it so much got one for each pack. Buy the interchangeable attachments as well" –John L

"Perfect for id and security badges. Dead silent and retracts perfectly." –Max S

"Fast shipping, great product. Thanks" –German

"Using while kayak fishing to hold pliers. Works well so far. I have brought several of these. I would recommend for keeping things handy." –Dan P

"I bought this item because I was unsatisfied with the cheap plastic belt clip that came with my badges for work. I couldn't let such valuable items be tethered to a $1 aluminum clip. This item was exactly what I was looking for! It provides a great feeling of security that my badges won't be whisked away by a bump in / passerby / whatnot, and the clip is 100% secured to a belt loop. I never worry about it coming off, and that's the most important thing for me." –Rickard

"I needed a gear retractor to hold my Leatherman when I go camping. I don't like digging around in my backpack all the time, so this lets me clip it to my shoulder strap or belt loop -- and I know I won't put my Leatherman down and leave it behind. I tried the T-Reign and was pleasantly surprised at how much retraction force it had. And the carabiner was solid. Overall I'd say it's a good quality item. I may get another for my little flashlight." –Camlann

"I use this to secure a lightweight tool that I use close to 100 times a day to my belt loop. I've been using it for several months with no issues. That's probably close to 8,000 extension/retraction cycles already. Update 7/21/2014: I'm still using this daily at the same duty rate and it's still performing quite well. If it dies tomorrow I would consider it well used, given the frequency with which I use it. I'm probably pushing 20,000 extension / retraction cycles at this point. I would happily purchase a replacement if I needed to, but I don't get the sense it's planning to give out any time too soon." –Chuck E

"On the advice of a friend, I gave the T-REIGN a try since my keychain was getting out of hand. Now I've got all my keys in one place, I can clip it to my belt, and the retractor makes sure I don't lose my keys. I may get another one for my clippers when I go fishing. Good quality." –GoneFishin12

"I use this to tether my many keys (I work as an arcade technician) to myself so that I don't accidentally lock myself out of the shop. This does a fantastic job of that. The cord has yet to become any looser than the day I got it, and the keys hang down enough that I'm able to shove them into my pocket, which eliminates the awful jingle-jangle of my many keys." –Christian H

"Got this for my son. He loves it. He was always putting his keys down and misplacing them. Now they are always within reach and easy to use. The keys are very secure on the cable and yet they lie flat if you put them in your pocket. The retractable cable is very strong, no fraying, no bunching, no tangle ever. It is long enough. Yesterday he got his keys tangled in the chair. When he got up, the chair went with him. No worries of any of it breaking, it's that strong. Already his key retention capability has doubled. Now, if we could get one of these to answer his phone!" –PRB

"I used this tether to secure a dive knife to my life jacket while kayaking. 3 weeks ago I rolled my kayak while 2 miles offshore fishing. I became tangled in the lines I had out and impaled on several hooks. When this happens again, it will be much easier to free myself. This is a tough little tether that handles harsh salt-water conditions with no problem." -Tom W

"This is most excellent. Attaches well to clothing, and retrieves items quickly and smoothly. A must for kayaking/boating, tube fishing, or fly fishing, etc.. Basically anywhere you're on your own or could use another hand, this thing might come in handy." –Totally ImAussieBull