Scuba Series Retractable Gear Tether

Product Description

T-REIGN's line of Retractable Scuba Gear Tethers will ensure your most important scuba gear is secure and ready when you're diving. Our Scuba Gear Tethers have a durable and waterproof polycarbonate case, a smooth Kevlar® cord for extension, and a universal gear attachment that easily secure anything you'd need to quickly access on the course such as gauges, flashlights, knives and more. Choose between a metal carabiner or a hook and loop strap to quickly and easily secure your gear. With T-REIGN's Retractable Scuba Gear Tethers your Scuba gear will always be handy and will never be lost!


  • Small - 24" Kevlar Cord / 4 oz.
  • Medium - 36" Kevlar Cord / 6 oz.
  • Large - 48" Kevlar Cord / 8 oz.
  • XD - 36" Kevlar Cord / 14 oz.
  • Includes a bonus split ring attachment
  • Available with carabiner or hook and loop strap attachment
  • Large and XD units feature a lock switch to stop retraction
  • Built in the USA and backed by our Lifetime Service Policy

*Images do not reflect attachment options and are for size reference only. Carabiner attachment is shown and additional attachment options are available from the drop down menu.


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